About usWhat is Wodcamp?

What we do?

The vison behind WodCamp is to create an international platform of trips abroad,
where coaches, athletes and people practicing CrossFit recreationally (and not only
CF) from all over Europe and around the world would be able to get to know each
other personally, train together and exchange experiences related to their boxes,
cities, countries or continents. All this will be arranged as well-organized leisure time,
spent in interesting destinations and combined with discovering local culture and cuisine.

Who are the founders?


WodCamp was established by Mateusz Szafrański, its originator and co-creator,
CrossFit LV2 trainer at CrossFit 72D, formerly CrossFit Solvay. It was Mateusz who
came up with this idea and - apart from trainings - he is responsible for the
atmosphere and good fun during the camps. The other person in charge of the
project is Tomasz Sypniewski who ensures that everything is planned down to the
smallest detail. Tomek is the Head Coach and owner of CrossFit MGW, whose box
recently turned five. However, the most important thing is that he was a co-founder
and the general director of the SnowShow brand - the most renowned Polish travel
agency specializing in winter trips for young people to the Alps. Mateusz and Tomek
are a perfect duo. Each of them brings something unique to the project and they
perfectly complement each other.


Mateusz Szafrański, originator and co-creator of Wodcamp

Tomek Sypniewski, co-creator of Wodcamp

Mateusz:  +48 690 900 693

Tomek:     +48 508 128 488

Mail:     info@wodcamp.eu



3M Sp. z o.o. (CrossFit MGW owner)
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IBAN: PL94 1950 0001 2006 0000 0669 0004
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