Unique people

As coaches and founders of CrossFit clubs, we know one thing for sure – it is the
PEOPLE who are the most important! They are the ones who create the community.
They shape the character and atmosphere of the place. This is the rule we follow
each time when we plan our camps. We not only focus on providing the best
specialists in their disciplines, but above all on people who are open, positive,
passionate and willing to share that passion with others. We do our best to make
every WodCamp a fabulous time spent among people whom we can learn from and
owing to whom we can continuously develop. Our coaches, experts and athletes will
undoubtedly have an impact on increasing your training awareness. Our dream for
the WodCamp family is to grow in Poland and around the world. We believe that the
friendships and contacts you build will last for years to come and will develop into
further friendships, travels and a broad exchange of experience. WodCamp is you!

Unique places

We start the preparations for each WodCamp at least six months in advance.
Based on our experience in co-creating the SnowShow brand, we put great
emphasis on the choice of destination. We not only take into account the touristic and
cultural aspects of a given location, but also its potential for various activities. We
select only those locations which guarantee both a comfortable, roofed training base
(with spacious and well-equipped boxes), and running tracks, running and cycling
routes or the possibility of practicing other sports (kitesurfing, canoeing, golf, beach
volleyball). We check each and every destination personally beforehand, preparing
the site for you to spend time there in the best possible way. We want to avoid any
surprises and confusion. We only go to places where we would like to spend time
with our loved ones.

Passion for fitness

We have been involved in sports and fitness in broad terms for almost 25 years.
Each WodCamp co-creator is an athlete, a coach, an expert, a physiotherapist or a
graduate from the Academy of Physical Education. Even people working in our office
are passionate about CrossFit or other sports and fitness areas. We know what we’re
doing. We love what we do. Join the WodCamp family and you'll quickly find out
that fitness is our passion and lifestyle at the same time!